Hello there!

I wonder if you’re like me and find the whole introduction ‘thing’ on websites a bit of a bore and head straight to the part that interests you most?
If so, this page is written with you in mind...
I’m Sally ‘Georgia’ Ewin and have been a photographer since 2010, based in Exeter.
I’m what’s commonly known as a ‘people person’ and love getting to know all my clients to see what they would like from each shoot.
I believe humour goes a long way into making everyone feel relaxed which in turn means I capture true expressions and beautiful shots.
Mingling amongst guests at weddings, wearing a ‘Miss Bossy’ hat at events (not too bossy!), styling and posing you in portrait sessions or having playful giggles with kids in the studio is something that makes me extremely happy... I love it!
It’s always worth having a chat to see if I can help... and a cuppa to boot!

Tel: 07582 068726
Email: [email protected]
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